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Services we Offer

Our Engineers are extremely knowledgeable and are practiced in the industry for many years. We have open lines of communication with Boeing and other Manufacturers at all times. This ensures that all technical data, manuals, airworthiness directives, and service bulletins are kept current. This allows RTG to give its customers the highest quality, up to date service. RTG's continuous investment in tooling, machinery, equipment, and training expands our capabilities, reduces turnaround time, and improves quality.


RTG has a clear understanding of the required steps to accomplish a thorough overhaul and why those steps are critical. The landing gear has 5 main issues that have to be inspected and remedied during the overhaul process, removal of corrosion, removal of hydrogen, wear repaired, cracks removed, and plating coverage verified.


Any repairs performed between overhauls must be done in compliance within the envelope of the above mentioned criteria. Field repairs, when necessary, must still meet the same requirements and goals.

During the overhaul process or operational use, landing gear components often encounter wear or structural problems beyond repairable limits and must be replaced. RTG stocks an extensive inventory of spare parts, hardware, and supplies to facilitate a prompt return to service and minimize down time and overhaul costs.


RTG clearly recognizes that billings for BER parts can be expensive and cost prohibitive, depending on the overhaul source. RTG engineering and technical staff strives to minimize scrap billings through accurate analysis of technical specifications and allowable repair limits. Many of our overhaul quotes are all inclusive with no scrap billing.

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