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We perform a full range of mission-critical landing gear services. From minor repairs to complete overhauls, component machining and painting. Skilled technicians and engineers perform and oversee initial inspections to final non-destructive testing. RTG provides comprehensive landing gear solutions for commercial, military, and regional aircraft customers.

Our Vision

About Our Company 

Royal Technical Group is a true one of a kind landing gear facility. We incorporate the best in-house operations to assist our customers with the most unique and precise landing gear overhaul in the industry. We offer a diversity of Boeing Programs from 737,747,757,767, 777, DC-10, MD-11, KC-10, which makes RTG one of the most reliable and versatile companies in the world. Our technical staff has over 70 years of comprehensive knowledge in the landing gear field. We guarantee the quality and compliance with all of Boeing Specs. As an FAA repair station, we carry all airworthiness directives, overhaul manuals, service bulletins. These specifications and requirements are directly received from Boeing under license, and help us to stay current with the latest updates with the overhaul processes. Our facility is 48,000 square feet, which gives us the capacity to work with wide body gears and house the necessary machinery and tools. It also gives RTG flexible work space to service and complete multiple jobs at a time. We strive to maintain on time delivery to meet our customer’s schedule. We provide engineers and technicians with the training, tools and capability of traveling to a customer's site to perform services required when needed. Our main goals are, precision, dedication, accurate documentation, providing the best product to our customers, and giving them confidence that they will have a safe landing.

Company Profile
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